Who We Are

We are a warm congregation in Wilton, Connecticut, that sincerely cares for each other. 

In the heart of FairfieldCounty and on the edges of the New York City metro area, you will find a church home here full of love and grace. Wilton Baptist Church strives to be a place of spiritual renewal, meaningful community, graceful service and deep discipleship. Please join us every Sunday morning for Bible study (9:45) and worship (11:00). 

Wilton Baptist Church is a Christ-centered fellowship committed to worshiping God and transforming lives through biblical teaching, discipleship and service. At Wilton Baptist Church we focus on relationship building, rather than programming.

Our Priorities

The following are our four main priorities as a congregation. As you read through these priorities, hopefully you will get a better understanding of who we are and who we want to be as a church.


Recognizing that we all come from various church backgrounds, we all agree that worship should be meaningful and stimulating. We want our worship services to be uplifting and sophisticated in order to transform lives in our area. Paying close attention to the flow of our order of worship and making sure that what we do is biblically based, we want a worship service that engages everyone from children to senior citizens. Worship should be of the highest quality no matter what style we use so that we will offer God our best. Offering our surrounding community a quality worship experience may be the most significant mode of outreach that we have. It is in worship that we concentrate on a vertical connection with God.


Our goal is to have a fellowship that is intentional and intimate. We want to turn our warmth as a congregation into a process whereby individuals are assimilated into the life of the church in a way tht is transformational for them and for us. This will galvanize relationships and friendships as sites of real ministry. It is in our fellowship that we want to concentrate on our horizontal relationships with each other.


Discipleship is our broadest priority because it encompassed so much. Not only does it include Sunday School, it incorporates all Christian education and spiritual formation for every age group in our church. Since it is such a large category, we want discipleship to be comprehensive, relevant and creative. Discipleship is not only a space for people to learn about the Bible and their faith, it is also a space where Christians practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, etc. We also want discipleship to be unavoidable in our church. In other words, we want everybody who is in our church to be involved in discipleship and we also want to assimilate new people into our discipleship programs. This is where we learn how to behave and hold each other accountable to that behavior.


Last, but certainly not least, we want to be on mission with God through service. We want to put our hands where our heart is by concentrating on local initiatives where we can have a significant impact. Starting local, we will move in concentric circles to the farthest places on earth. We want to minister to the needy and hurting by recognizing that not all who are needy and hurting are poor and destitute. In this focus, we want to be well organized and visible, which will maximize the opportunity for involvement to our entire congregation. This is where we take action.